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 [Terms and conditions of agreement on receiving e-mails]  If you agree on the following terms and conditions after being well-informed of them, you can apply for sending you newsletters.

※ Personal information gathering
Wise User does not collect personal information without individuals’ consent.

If you click the ‘Agree’ button as the procedure that you can click the ‘agree’ button or the ‘don’t agree’ button is prepared about Wise User’s contents of personal information gathering, it is regarded as agreeing on personal information gathering.

(1) Purposes, items, and use periods of personal information gathering
Wise User collects, possesses, and treats minimum personal information (e-mail) only which is necessary for providing the additional services including newsletters, etc
This personal information (e-mail) is just used for sending you newsletters. And if you reject to receive newsletters, the collected personal information (e-mail) is destroyed.

(2) Personal information gathering by cookie

① Wise User uses Cookie which frequently save and recall members’ information to provide the personalized and customized services to individual members.

② Wise User gets to make and provide the more useful and convenient services by grasping visit and use patterns of the Wise User services visited by members with Cookie.

③ You should permit Cookie to use the personalized or customized services that you use after accessing to Wise User.

④ Members have an option about Cookie. Members can permit all the Cookies, check whenever the Cookies are saved, or reject to save them by selecting the option in their web browsers.

But, if you reject to save the Cookies, you cannot use the partial services.

※ Use and provision of personal information

(1) Wise User does not use members’ personal information except the purposes related to use of the services provided by it and provide them for others, other companies, or institutions. However, it can share members’ personal information with the third partner to provide the better services. In this case, Wise User goes through the procedure to notify members of who are the third partners, what information are required, why they are required, when and how they are protected and managed through electronic mails or written letters and seek their consent before providing it to them. And if members don’t agree on it, Wise Users does not collect additional information or share them with the third partners.

(2) (2) But, if there are special rules about the act on use and promotion of information and communications, the cases that personal information by the forms which cannot identify specific individuals are excluded as the necessary cases for statistical purposes, academic studies, and market research.

  I am well informed of the above terms and conditions and agree on this.
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