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What’s internet phone?

  • The internet phone service means that you can call others like the existing home phones by using the high speed internet networks. It is called VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol). Local calls, long distance calls, calls on cellular phones, and international calls are all possible like the home phone service.
  • Unlike the general home phones, internet phone can provide the various living services including video telephony, rocal information, and living information because visual transmission is possible accroding to service types.
  • The features of internet phone are lower communication charge compared to wire phones, it is available in any place if internet is connected, it is possible to use the previous phone number instead of 070 number, and it is able to use various additional services like wireless internet, sms, news, region and life information.
The difference between a Home phones and Internet phone.
The difference between a Home phones and Internet phone.
Type Internet phone Home phones
Mobility If you can acess to the internet, you can call others without limitation of places. But, sales/provision of the overseas internet phone service is not possible because it is out of scope of the domestic internet phone carriers. It is only possible in rooms that telephone circuits are installed.
Classification of areas Areas are not divided. And the single telephone exchange number, 070 is used. But, if you change carriers, you use the existing numbers and the different telephone exchange numbers by area. Areas are divided and telephone exchange numbers are different according to areas.
Communication method Packet voice Analogue voice
Charges Unit charges of local and long distance calls Is differently applied to distance.
Additional services Various additional services are possible Support of additional services are limited