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What are cellular phone services?

Mobile communication means communication that the services are possible even while users move by providing mobility for members’ terminals. A typical type of mobile communication includes the cellular phone service which is often called cell phones.
  • Major mobile phone operators : SKT, KT, LG U+


  • Altteulphone means reselling of telecommunication, which is a service providing independent service by borrowing the lines of existing Telecommunication Company(SKT, KT, LG U+)
  • Possible to use phone with reasonable price, but there is almost no membership advantages compared to Telecommunication Company Company(SKT, KT, LG U+)
Main Altteulphone businesses
Main Altteulphone businesses
Network SKT KT LGU+
Brand(Company name) 7mobile(SK tellink) CJ helo mobile (CJ helo vision) FreeT(Space net)
Snowman(Onse telecom) FreeC (Free telecom) My world(Merchand Korea)

What is 4G mobile communication?

  • 4 Generation Mobile Communication means the service which can all use satellite networks, wireless LAN, and Internet with a terminal.
    • 1st generation mobile communication is a service with only voice calling
    • 2nd generation mobile communication is a service with digital voice calling
    • 3rd generation mobile communication is a service with packet data service that can send voice calling, message, data and others
    • 4th generation mobile communication is a service which can provide various multimedia service like sending videos, internet broadcasting by improving the sending speed more than dozens compared to 3rd generation mobile communication IMT=2000


  • Intelligent terminal which added computer supportive functions like internet and information searching to mobile phones. Able to install applications if the user wants
  • Able to use Internet searching, sending and receiving E-mail, camera&video, music&movie, and by installing applications, sns, game, ticket purchase everywhere, everytime